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SNES NES GameBoy Emulator for Android Phones

SNES Emulators apk

NESEMU is a Nintendo 8-bit NES emulator for the Google Android OS Phones.

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AndroidBoy - Gameboy Classic and Game Boy COLOR game emulator for G1, HTC Dream and other Android phones.

Gameboy Emulator


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GBAoid GameBoy Advance® Emulator for Android


best gba emulator android


The game introduced gamers to handheld emulators and produced a surprisingly good emulation of the Game Boy Advance for the “oid” gamers. It also allows you to experiment with Mario’s adventure as its second chance.

Super Mario Advance have newer and better version of the original game as well as NES’ Mario Bros. It comes off with a good retro feel.

There are no problems with using GBAoid and nothing needs to be done that urgently for a smooth game. However, all the games will only with the original BIOS. Other gamers may want to find a way to control those vibrating controls.

VBA Link - multiplayer Gameboy Emulator Home Page. No$GBA - Gameboy Advance and NDS emulation for people who can not afford to buy a GBA - hence the name No Cash for GBA.